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7. Formulas for Life | Paul David Santana

With a strength of distilling and organizing information, @TheMangineer decided to lean into it and create formulas for everyday life (confidence, socializing, love, and focus).

I met Paul in the spring of 2023. He was on a journey to transform his life, and I found his unique outlook on life to be refreshing and insightful. Paul is a software engineer who found himself with crippling loneliness during COVID after a 10-year relationship breakup and a job layoff. With his partner gone, no colleagues, and no social interaction, he found himself at a crossroads in life. He decided at that moment to quit watching television and take back control of his life. He sourced a job, quit video games, and quit watching television. He discovered, and built a social life with multiple groups that collectively have hundreds of members now.

Paul and I started dating after some mutual friends of ours (shoutout to sneaky snakes Tim and Jen 😉🐍) set us up on a few double dates. He knows that I have a strong desire to learn the skill of interviewing, which is one of my goals for HYPRfocus. With his encouragement and support, we decided to do my first interview together.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and please like and comment if this resonated with you. I appreciate and look forward to hearing your feedback!

The Interview | Formulas for Life

As a software engineer and a Sparketype™ Essentialist, Paul is highly skilled at organizing and distilling information and data. But it doesn’t just stop there — he also organizes data and observes patterns in everyday life. By vetting hundreds of members for his groups, he has witnessed multiple patterns of human behavior and created formulas for life.

In this interview, we talk about the formulas for:

  • becoming unperturbed in the face of judgment

  • running a successful social group and vetting members

  • lifestyle design for finding love

  • focusing your energy and eliminating distraction

The Next 12 Months | House Hacking & Microsoft Power Platform

Paul is currently learning Microsoft Power Platform for his day job and just bought a house in May 2024. 🎉 His plan is to start house hacking (renting out some of the rooms of his house) and eventually implementing the strategy of coliving (individually renting out all the rooms of a house). You can see more of his story on his YouTube channel @TheMangineer or his website




  1. Sparketype:

  2. The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker:

  3. Hamza Ahmed’s YouTube:

  4. Build a Wealthy Spirit Podcast with Sammie and Michelle:

HYPRfocus is a community dedicated to self-optimization and radiant living. Our mission is to empower individuals to focus intensely on their passions and purpose to create a life of fulfillment and abundance.
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